If you need additional time to complete your graduate degree due to disability-related barriers, we can support you.

  • Create a modified work plan with your Accessibility Advisor and share it with your supervisor.
  • If you or your supervisor expresses concern about your graduate funding, talk to your Accessibility Advisor about options.

If you are a graduate student with a disability, academic accommodations and supports are available to assist you during a masters and doctoral degree.

To request accommodations, you will need to register with Accessibility Services. For further information on how to register, please visit our New Registration web page. 

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the policies of your program and the School of Graduate Studies.  


Accommodations Planning your Academic Accommodations
Support Services Support and resources related to your program of study and more
Financial Resources Learn what financial support and resources are available
Graduate Student Life Additional resources

Academic Accommodations

Academic accommodations are provided to address the functional limitation(s) of your disability upon your academic progress. The planning of your academic accommodations are a collaborative effort between you, your Accessibility Advisor, and University faculty.

In addition to the accommodations listed on our Accessibility Services for Registered Students page, there are specific accommodations available to graduate students. Depending on your program of study and your needs, you may be recommended for:

  • General Accommodations, for example:
  • Accommodations specific to the research phase (for example, securing an appropriate venue for a thesis defense).
  • Accommodations specific to experiential components (for example, flexibility in fieldwork hours).

Academic Support Services

Your Faculty or Department may offer support and resources related to your program of study. In addition, the following services are provided:

The Academic Success Centre offer a variety of services and supports specifically for graduate students.

School of Graduate Studies English Language and Writing Support. 

Graduate Conflict Resolution Centre for Graduate Student (CRC) 

Study Carrels: If you require a study carrel for disability reasons, please speak with your Accessibility Advisor for further information. 

Financial Support & Resources

In addition to the recommendations found on the financial support web page of Accessibility Services, the following resources are available. However, not all graduate students are eligible for all resources and we recommend you first consult with a/your Accessibility Advisor to discuss your eligibility. The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) has a Financial Counsellor with whom you can consult.

SGS Accessibility Grant Application (PDF) 

SGS Completion and Emergency Grant 

ENROLMENT SERVICES/OSAP for Graduate Students with Permanent Disabilities

Advice on Financing your Graduate Education 

SGS Financial Counsellor can be found under the “Student Academic Services & Awards tab” on the SGS Staff Directory web page

SGS Financial Support Inquiries:

            Phone: 416-946-0808

            Email: graduate.awards@utoronto.ca