Work in Student Life and learn from dedicated higher education professionals. We offer work-study positions, casual positions and internship opportunities for U of T students. 

All Student Life work opportunities are listed below and include ID numbers for positions on the Career Learning Network (CLN) where you will find full recruitment descriptions and instructions for application.

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About the Work Study Program An opportunity to develop your knowledge, skills and experience through paid work on campus
Fall/Winter 2018-2019 Work Study Positions A list of open Work Study positions in Student Life
Fall/Winter 2018-19 Casual Positions A list of open Casual positions in Student Life

About the Work Study Program

The Work Study Program provides students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and experience through paid work on campus.

More information on availaible Work Study positions (role descriptions and applicaiton instructions) will be posted under the Work Study job board on the CLN . You can search Work Study positons by their Job ID numbers. See current opening positions listed below. 

Note: Positions are filled an ongoing basis. Some positions may no longer be available.

Fall/Winter 2018-2019 Work Study Positions


Academic Success

Job ID 126292 Peer Leader

Job ID 126288 Learning Strategist Intern (Graduate)


Accessibility Services

Job ID 124767 Program/Project Assistant

Job ID 123462 Assistant to Financial and Administrative Officer


Career Exploration & Education

Job ID 126870 Career Education Events Assistant

Job ID 126839 Peer Career Advisor - Programs and Workshop Facilitator 

Job ID 126835 Peer Career Advisor - Resume Ready  

Job ID 126834 Indigenous Peer Career Advisor

Job ID 126832 Peer Career Advisor - Career Start

Job ID 126831 Senior Peer Career Advisor

Job ID 126800 Team CONNECT Peer

Job ID 125028 Career Exploration Program Assistant

Job ID 125022 Career Exploration Systems Assistant

Job ID 126342 "Future of Work" - Talking Walls Assistants


Centre for Community Partnerships

Job ID 126190 Community-Engaged Initiatives Grants Assistant

Job ID 126183 Community Day Project Assistant

Job ID 126171 CCP Workshop Project Assistant

Job ID 126156 CCP Get Involved Blogger

Job ID 126145 Community Action Program Assistant

Job ID 126144 Alternative Reading Week Project Leader Development Assistant

Job ID 126142 Alternative Reading Week Community Partner Assistant

Job ID 126215 Promotions & Communications Assistant

Job ID 126210 Special Projects Assistant


Centre for International Experience

Job ID 126398 Learning Abroad Ambassador - Inbound

Job ID 126397 Learning Abroad Ambassador - Outbound

Job ID 126384 Learning Abroad Ambassador - Partnerships

Job ID 126235 Safety Abroad Assistant

Job ID 125340 Mentorship Assistant

Job ID 126192 International Student Experience, Research Assistant

Job ID 125977 Peer Facilitator, Intercultural Learning Program

Job ID 125897 Events and Volunteers Assistant

Job ID 125838 Language Learning Communities Assistant

Job ID 124787 Funding and Awards Assistant

Job ID 128412 Partnerships and Awards Assistant 


First Nations House

Job ID 126570 Program Assistant - Community Engagement

Job ID 126381 First Nations House Blogger


Health & Wellness Centre

Job ID 126828 Health & Wellness Undergraduate Digital Ambassador

Job ID 126827 Health & Wellness Graduate Digital Ambassador

Job ID 126326 HealthyU Crew - Undergraduate Outreach Ambassador

Job ID 126310 HealthyU Crew - Graduate Outreach Ambassador

Job ID 126139 Community Kitchen Videographer

Job ID 126207 Community Kitchen Social Media Assistant



Job ID 123354 Housing Services Assistant


Innovation Hub

Job ID 126768 Innovation Hub Design Research Assistant - Transforming the Instructional Landscape

Job ID 124550 Innovation Hub Training Facilitator

Job ID 124549 Innovation Hub Volunteer Coordinator

Job ID 124548 Innovation Hub Connector

Job ID 124546 Innovation Hub Storyteller

Job ID 124545 Innovation Hub Design Research Events Lead

Job ID 124544 Innovation Hub Design Research Team Lead


Multi-Faith Centre

Job ID 125580 Programme Development

Job ID 125576 Programme Development - Muslim Chaplaincy Services

Job ID 125570 Programme Development - St Michael's College Chaplaincy

Job ID 125555 Programme Development - Religion in Civil Society: Canadian Interfaith Research Centre for Learning & Engagement

Job ID 122761 Environment Programme

Job ID 122760 Queering Religion

Job ID 122758 Programme Development - Hillel

Job ID 122747 Programme Development - Newman Centre

Job ID 125591 Media Intern

Job ID 125589 ROARS

Job ID 125593 Program Support Coordinator


Office of Student Life

Job ID 122950 Co-Curricular Record Assistant

Job ID 126057 Research Assistant


Student and Campus Community Development

Job ID 126300 Mentorship and Peer Programs Assistant

Job ID 126378 Mentorship and Peer Programs Access Assistant

Job ID 123535 Leadership Development Programming Assistant

Job ID 123521 Campus Organizations Assistant

Job ID 125700 Student Initiative Fund Assistant

Job ID 125692 Resource Lounge Programming Assistant

Job ID 124743 Gradlife Ambassador 


Student Life Communications

Job ID 124713 Professional Faculty Blogger

Job ID 124711 First-year Blogger

Job ID 124710 Digital Storyteller/Photographer


Student Success

Job ID 125554 Student Success Resource & Content Management Assistant

JoB ID 128169 Student Success Project Assistant 

Fall/Winter 2018-19 Casual Positions

Casual employees are individuals hired to perform work on a short-term, irregular or sporadic basis for an intermittent period of time. Short-term is a period of 6 months or less. 

More information on available Casual positions (role descriptions and application instructions) will be posted under the On-Campus job board on the CLN. You can search casual positons by their Job ID numbers. See current opening positions listed below: 

Job ID 127947 Innovation Hub Senior Research Assistant

Job ID 126895 Peer Community Builder & Equity Activator